Dr. Jessica Cate is moving online!

Jessica Cate, PhD, LCAC


No one has more experience providing addiction treatment online than Lionrock.

This is exactly why Jessica is excited to announce that Restored will be moving counseling services online. Jessica started providing services with Lionrock in August 2018.  Shortly after opening Restored, Jessica realized that clients were experiencing barriers to services, such as transportation, busy schedules, and the demand for services were more than she alone could provide. By providing services online through Lionrock, she can overcome all of these barriers.

Since 2011, Lionrock has been mixing Best Practices treatment knowledge, experienced addiction counselors, and leading-edge mobile Internet technologies to help people worldwide. 

Individualized treatment is the cornerstone of what Jessica has been proud to offer, and Lionrock does just that. Jessica is excited to share her experience and commitment to offer quality and individualized care at Lionrock. As a Licensed Clinical Addiction Counselor, and now licensed in multiple states, she will continue to work with individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance abuse. She believes recovery is possible, and is thrilled to now offer services online for clients.

To learn more about the amazing services at Lionrock, please visit: lionrockrecovery.com

Online Approach


Get help from the privacy of home

Getting help for alcohol or drug use takes courage. Lionrock online drug counseling makes getting started a lot easier. You access Lionrock’s online program from home - or from wherever you have enough privacy - using a high speed internet connection with your computer or tablet. Connecting to sessions is easy, just a few clicks and you’re in.


Fits your busy schedule

Lionrock is convenient. All participation is done from home so you don’t have to drive. We have morning and evening programs to fit your schedule. 


We keep your information secure

Lionrock keeps therapy sessions secure by encrypting the video streams. All information about your treatment at Lionrock, including your communications with Lionrock staff, is also encrypted. At Lionrock, we are HIPAA-compliant.

Don't Worry Reflexology is Still Available!

Our reflexologist, Kristin Pettitt, is busier now than ever before! Looking to learn more about reflexology, give Kristin a call to make an appointment. She has several locations and will find the office closest for you. Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet. Reflexology is relaxing and may help alleviate stress, anxiety, and various ailments. 


To make an appointment for reflexology with Kristin, please call (937) 733-9298.

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